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An exclusive collection, for those longing to wear a product unlike any other in the world.

The Shibusa bow tie are precious accessories made with exclusive vintage Japanese decorative panels of the ’50s, ’60s and ’70s in limited edition to a single copy, inevitable items in the collections of true lovers of the bow tie.

Strongly evocative patterns, typical of the Land of the Rising Sun, unequivocally convey at first glance the ancient heritage of these charming fabrics, and lore of their distant homeland.

The fabrics made from original Japanese kimono and obi vintage of the 50s and 60s of the last century, are mixed with impeccable Biellese plots, excellence of Made in Italy, for a biting fusion expression to wear at ceremonies or for a smart casual look, exceptionally glamorous.

All Shibusa bow ties, made in duobleface mode, symbol of versatility and perfect for playing with different combinations, are available in two selftied versions, for lovers of the knot ritual, or hybrid selftied, the perfect solution for the less experienced who still do not want to give up the character of the real bow tie.

Each creation is kept in an exclusive packaging, perfect for a prestigious gift.

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