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FROM your idea your tailored SUIT

Banderari’s dream has always been to offer its customers an unforgettable tailoring experience, personalized and engaging, in line with their creativity.

Every customer has the opportunity to live an exciting experience, complete and without boundaries, in which their own style and personal perspectives are woven into every feature of clothing and accessories.

A truly unique offer in which luxury and customization are the cornerstones of this wonderful World.

Where masterpieces are created.

Where your dreams are tailored.

sartorial experience Made in Italy

Your unforgettable experience begins with a creative talk.

During a pleasant exchange of stories and ideas that will be translated with our experience in the desired dress pattern.

A journey in which you will be guided through our fabrics in every possible bold variation of color and pattern.

Amazing liners, refined buttons and other incredible details blend to make your dream come true.

The resulting stylistic result is unmatched, without limits in terms of fabric, structure or details.

Italian tailoring school

The clothes of the Tailor Made line are characterized by sartorial details sewn by hand that give the garment a fit in perfect harmony with the lines of the body: each cut enhances the fabric and dresses the silhouette with a sophisticated class.

Through the choice of lapels, buttons, pockets, linings, handcrafted care of a tradition that knows how to blend with the languages of contemporary elegance.

From stitching to hand-made buttonholes, the service of creating tailored clothes is all you need to customize the dress of important occasions or the everyday life of a timeless gentleman.

After a consistent selection of fabrics, in just 15 working days, we make wearable wishes, through creations 100% made in Italy, exclusively cut and sewn to fit men.


Tailored Banderari jackets are garments designed for the Modern Man looking for a versatile garment and suitable for any occasion.

Made following the traditional tailoring technique of weaving, the interior of each jacket is made of natural materials and consists mainly of camel hair, 100% wool and horsehair animal, Italian production.

The shoulder chest is supported by the “horsehair” which, with the “peloncino”, is cut and sewn in order to shape the canvas according to the characteristics of the body.

Precise cuts on canvas and horsehair allow to obtain roundness and development on the chest and humerus, with a precise objective: a comfortable fit.

All the details of the garment are carefully cared for, from stitching to buttonholes, all hand-finished by tailors who make their art a craft.

the best fabrics

All the craftsmanship of tailoring is highlighted by the fabrics from the most prestigious wool factories in Biella and England.

The linings, 100% cupro yarn dyed, are available in colors and patterns customizable.

Only natural materials such as horn, Corozo, leather, metal and mother-of-pearl are used for the buttons.

tailored trousers

We can package any model of trousers to ensure maximum comfort in every occasion.

Tailored Banderari tailored trousers are made in Italy by expert artisans specialized in cutting and sewing an indispensable garment of the wardrobe.

Classic, tuxedo, sporty, gurkha, flat front, with single pence, double turned or kissed, high waisted, with lapel or without.

Each detail is designed according to taste or need, such as height and length of the belt, the type of closure, the length of the zip, the choice of the waistcoat, buttons, buckles or secret pocket.

Each pant is equipped with fine sartorial details such as the lining at the knee, the v-vent on the back and the internal elastic silicone non-slip, to avoid the annoying exit of the shirt. Essential care to promote comfort, style and durability.

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