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References to the most sublime treasures of sacred art, an homage to Italian goldsmith craftsmanship, and a desire to amaze through jewelry accessories divorced from patterns of style and genre.

These are the characters that distinguish Banderari’s Mirabilis collection, which features bow ties in the self-tied variant to be knotted, but also and above all to be worn as jewelry to accompany the most exclusive and refined outfits.

Eccentric genderless accessories that are striking, sophisticated and visually, tactile and conceptually appealing.

The collection, nomen omen in all its forms, tells of objects worthy of admiration, marvelous, extraordinary and at the same time linked to a miraculous tradition.

Inspired by the most important relics and treasures of sacred art including the Collar of St. Gennaro, the Christ Acheropita of the Holy Sanctorum, the Urn of the Blessed Sacrament, and the Iron Crown, Mirabilis represents a synthesis of history and mysticism in the sublime sign of art through and by means of sought-after sartorial accessories of great visual and evocative impact.

Cult objects that have marked moments and eras, symbols of a past marked by links between East and West, the divine and the profane.

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