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Impeccable on the day of your Yes!

Looking for a perfect groom dress for your wedding ceremony?

Uniqueness, research and attention to detail are some of the prerogatives that distinguish the creation of each product for your wedding of the Banderari Cerimony line.

Very high quality original accessories Made in Italy in Umbria, are the result of Banderari’s experience and professionalism in the field of wedding ceremonies.

Creations characterized by refinement and elegance of other times in a modern and dynamic key.

Details able to make the perfect outfit unique, for the groom, the witnesses and why not, for bridesmaids, pageboys and guests of all ages, even on all fours.

Accessories characterized by refinement and elegance of other times revisited in a modern and dynamic key.

Bow ties and ties, cufflinks and suspenders, pocket sqaures, buttonhole and tuxedo band, all special to make the perfect outfit unique.

For the bridegroom, the witnesses, best man and why not, for bridesmaids, pageboys and guests of all ages, even on all fours.

Do you really want to make this day unforgettable?

Each creation takes shape from a study that starts from the needs and requests of the spouses to create details in harmony with the theme and the chosen dress code.

Particular attention is paid to the creation of each garment that is scrupulously and strictly hand made, as in the most classic Italian craft tradition.

Using the highest quality materials carefully selected: silks, cottons, wools and cashmere of the best bill carefully viewed and chosen after a thorough analysis.

Wood, jute, rope lace and leather represent an increasingly frequent challenge to the concept of an accessory for a ceremony.

Thus, creations are created that are ideal for those who love to be noticed, able to amaze, but also easy to combine with your boho chic, vintage, Nordic geometric and organic botanical marriage.

Each creation is inserted in a customizable package with the date and name of the future spouses, the event logo, or with special dedications.

Chests in tune with the dynamic and creative spirit of Banderari to keep your products in time and in memory.

Do you want to embellish your accessory with a personalized print?

In the desire to combine tradition and innovation, Banderari allows you to create completely customized accessories.

We can make accessories starting from high-quality printing on completely personalized patterned fabrics to stand out on different occasions, creating an unmistakable gift for a special occasion.

Banderari, thanks to the experience acquired in the packaging of accessories of the highest level, is able to design or print on custom graphic fabrics in line with the palettes and moodboards of your event.

The high quality of the print on high resolution silk twill allows to highlight very small and meticulous details such as initials, initials, dates or sentences to make a memory indelible.

We can thus make a bow tie, a seven-fold tie, a pocket squares or other accessories for the groom, the witnesses or for the most expensive people.

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