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This story is about rebirth, tying up loose ends, and the fulfillment of Angela and Omar’s dream.

Angela Pinzaglia was born in 1986 in Amelia, a charming medieval town perched on top of a beautiful hill in the lush countryside of Umbria.

Omar Belli was born in 1984 in Rocca San Zenone, a tiny village with 50 residents located beneath a series of towers that for centuries served as the last line of defense for the nearby city of Terni.

In 2010 Angela and Omar met, realized they looked at life in the same way, became a couple, and in 2014, at a time of deep economic recession, decided to seek alternative employment.

artisan passion

Their tale is marked by the lingering hardships of the economic crisis, choices and moments where confidence and the desire to rise from the ashes drove them to embrace a long-lost way of life.

With passion and dedication, Angela and Omar started crafting sartorial accessories with high-end fabrics, giving new momentum and fueling interest in a long-neglected accessory, the bow tie.

A classic fashion complement historically worn on special occasions, the bow tie had been relegated to second place, with most being manufactured by industrial means.


After much research, further experience and refinement through trial and error, Angela and Omar succeeded, creating bow ties of impeccable quality and value, featuring such unique, iconic shapes, proportions and quality, that the brand name, Banderari, has since become a metonym for their flagship product.

Hence the bow tie was reborn, regained an absolute value, and became an avatar of timeless style, an heirloom that entrusts the history of the wearer to future generations.

Within a short time, Banderari became a reference brand in the self-made fashion market, taking part in the foremost fashion shows in Italy and abroad.


The story of Banderari, starting with its name, speaks with pride of Umbria and Terni.

The Banderari were a group of 24 fellow citizens, merchants and artisans, who represented the six districts of Terni in the late Medieval period.

“Honest craftsmen, farmers, merchants, and honorable members of the population in general, flew their own flag”.

Bottega Banderari was inaugurated in 2016, and became the first atelier in the medieval district near the old Corso Vittorio Emanuele.


The Sartoria Banderari is located inside a suggestive historical place once part of the complex of houses belonged to the noble family of the Castles, as reported by a plaque of 1695.

An allegory of passion and rebirth, this building was miraculously spared from the fury of the bombings that tore the city apart during the Second World War.

It’s not merely a store, but a space-time continuum that lets you rediscover the old-fashioned way of doing business, a more human dimension.

This is a place to establish relationships, discuss ideas, share opinions and knowledge, and where mutual trust, authenticity and transparency form the basis of an unforgettable experience.

An unconventional space out of the box, in which each object tells a story linked to the territory, from the red velvet armchairs of the nearby Verdi Theatre, to the Printing Chest of Drawers once located in the adjacent Corso Vecchio.

There’s even a precious thread puller once used by Omar’s uncle Luigi (whom everyone called Luigino) to fix photos and prints by the iconic Poligrafico Alterocca, which is now being used to check the weft and colors of each fabric.

Every morning, to this day, Angela and Omar’s hands reverently open the massive Renaissance wooden doors, spared by the fiery raid of 11 August 1943, when 500 bombs were dropped on the city.

Those same, skillful and experienced hands craft Banderari garments and accessories.

the banderari style?
the philosophy of its territory

In the spirit Banderari harbors the wisdom of a land as complex and beautiful as a dream, heir to an authentic people, proud and tenacious, and guardian of a thousand-year history of passion, love and beauty.

In the sign of the Love of Saint Valentine, patron of the city of Terni and the rule and teaching of Saint Benedict of Norcia, Banderari rediscovers work as a source of inimitable wisdom that knows how to value the human for the human.

Through the recovery of manual skills as a tool of elevation, with the awareness of taking a step back to make two forward.

Guided by traditions deeply rooted in our homeland, our hands become the tools for reinterpreting our present, reshaping our future, save from oblivion, and ensure the continued existence of an occupation that is also a way of life.

Thanks to the rediscovery of craftsmanship, in a world crushed by consumption, Banderari supports the art of know-how with passion and dedication.

Every day it rises to the challenge of changing the future, and keep individuality from being crushed by a system based on homologation, aseptic relationships and mass production, where people are just numbers.


Contrary to the fast fashion business, which consumes both clothing and human lives with dire consequences for the environment and society, Banderari’s guiding principle is durability: buy less, buy consciously.

A motto for the rediscovery of values not subject to fads or fads, centered on the creation of personal and timeless styles.

Buy less often and take care of your boss, who can last a lifetime, can travel through generations and have a story to perpetuate.

Each product is made following an ancient tradition, based on 100% Made in Italy tailoring that, on some exclusive occasions, meets the precious fabrics of the Rising Sun.

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