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Banderari silk pocket squares are designed and made entirely by hand from the finest raw materials within our workshop with extreme care and time for the making of each piece.

Particular attention is paid to the seam of the hem, executed strictly by hand, an element able to attest the real quality of this type of product.

Banderari silk pocket squares are accessories that can add a touch of color and shape to any outfit, perfect for monochromatic jackets or strict suits.

Welcome to our exclusive collection of silk pocket handkerchiefs, a true treasure for lovers of art, fashion and distinctive style. Each handkerchief is a portable work of art, crafted with care and passion, embodying the elegance and sophistication of silk.

Floral, Paisley and Abstract fantasies:

Explore our wide selection of silk pocket squares with floral, paisley or abstract patterns. 

Each design is meant to capture the essence of nature, intricate patterns or abstract shapes, turning the handkerchief into an extraordinary accessory. High-quality 14 mm, 65 gsm silk gives each handkerchief a natural luster and soft-touch texture, ensuring a luxurious feel every time you wear it.

Vintage Japanese Silk:

Our collection of Japanese silk pocket handkerchiefs is truly unique. 

Each piece is made from authentic vintage kimono panels dating back to 1960s and 1970s Japan. 

These panels are a work of art in themselves, with bright colors and traditional designs that tell the rich history and culture of Japan. 

Each handkerchief is a testament to craftsmanship and traditions passed down from generation to generation.

Iconic Works of Art:

Our collection of pocket handkerchiefs inspired by the most beautiful and iconic works of art is a tribute to timeless beauty. 

Each handkerchief accurately captures the original details and colors of artistic masterpieces, transforming them into a portable and fashionable work of art. 

Wear a handkerchief depicting your favorite painting and be inspired by the creativity of renowned artists such as Caravaggio, Van Gogh or Leonardo da Vinci.

Each silk pocket handkerchief is made with care and attention to detail. 

Each specimen is one-of-a-kind, as it is hand hemmed and made exclusively in one piece, guaranteeing its authenticity and originality. 

These handkerchiefs are versatile and suitable for multiple occasions. 

You can wear them with a formal suit for weddings, galas or special events, or with a broken jacket for an extra touch of elegance in your everyday life.

Choose the beauty and elegance of 14 mm 65 gsm silk to enrich your style and be captivated by the variety of designs available. 

Each pocket handkerchief is a statement of personality and taste, giving you the opportunity to express your passion for art and fashion in a refined and exclusive way. 

Discover our collection and enrich your wardrobe with these unique and timeless pieces.

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