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The Velvet Symphonia collection by Banderari offers bow ties made with the iconic velvets Scabal.

A precious, bold, but at the same time rigorous tribute to the indissoluble liaison between Banderari, the taste and savoir faire of Made in Italy and the most precious velvets in the world.

Made with the amazing Scabal velvets in pure Made in Italy cotton, the Velvet Symphonia bow tie with an extremely soft and compact hand and full and decisive color, convey in a powerful and unequivocal passion for luxury, arousing powerful visual and tactile emotions.

Each bow tie is meticulously crafted by the savvy, skillful hands of artisans through exacting tailoring techniques that showcase incredible passion for details, and makes it unique.

These iconic bow ties are an uncannily powerful form of self-expression.

The bow ties of the Velvet Symphonia line are available in two selftied versions, for lovers of the knot ritual, or hybrid selftied with hooks that can be opened, the perfect solution for the less experienced who despite everything do not want to give up the character of the real bow tie.

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