SHIBUSA kagami


In the Japanese tradition the mirror (kagami) reflects sincerity, purity, the content of the heart and consciousness.

Revealer of the truth, nothing can be hidden from him: it reflects all that is enclosed in the soul.

Banderari tells through the collection of Japanese silk bow ties Shibusa the search for his own self through an introspective and complex aesthetic journey.

Each accessory expresses its own inner being that is made visible by the presence of the mirror, the detector object of his own self able to reveal and expose the personality of each of us.

Minimalist lines and perspective games able to reflect and reveal vivid and warm colors, plastic shapes and patterns with clear oriental references.


Precious craftsmanship gives life to creative visions of unique and exclusive accessories.

The Japanese silk bow ties of the Shibusa collection express the desire to reinterpret fabrics full of history and tradition by means of multiform accessories.

The protagonists of the collection are refined and precious Japanese silks vintage years ’50, ’60 and ’80 painted and embroidered entirely by hand.

Fragments of kimono of the ’50s in the variant kurotomesode, the most formal kimono type ever worn by married women during the wedding ritual, made unique by heavy brocades embroidered by hand


The Japanese silk bow tie from the Shibusa collection, in line with one of the multitude of meanings behind the Japanese term, evokes a strong smooth, rough tactile contrast.

For this reason, textured fabrics such as chirimen silk crepes or Kinsha are combined with soft and flowing fibers such as the best combed cashmere or soft flannels geelong biellesi.

While the silks damask rinzu smooth and velvety hand are contrasted with wool and silk crepe comasca.

Fabrics that meet the taste and know-how to make a symbol of the excellence of Made in Italy.


The tailoring of each piece of the collection is carried out scrupulously and strictly by hand as in the most classic Italian manufacturing tradition, making each creation unique and original.

Accessories whose style reveals without too many turns of words an unconditional love for the taste of the past and vintage.

Objects able to represent an original way to dress your head with retro taste while always keeping up with today’s fashion.

Oriental and Western influences merge to create an original stylistic signature:

the result is a multiform collection, with bold colors, full of pathos, history and meaning, perfect for lovers of a very structured elegance or for those who love to complete urban mood with decidedly très chic elements.


Japanese silk bow ties from the Shibusa collection are accessories designed to be worn by him and her.

Elegant bow ties for the man for the ceremony to be combined with a tuxedo to complete in an unconventional black tie dress code.

Sophisticated bow tie for women to wear around the neck to replace a necklace and to give a touch of color and charm to a minimalist outfit even without the need for a shirt.

Exclusive unique pieces created to emphasize the personality and feminine elegance in all its forms.

To complete and define the evening outings of the sophisticated and sensual woman infusing mystery and charm.

A sort of contemporary feminine dandyism in which to indulge the desire to use the past to write the style of the present.

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