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Banderari harnessed its unconventional spirit and irreverent attitude towards regal opulence, and created a collection characterized by extreme stylistic perfection, and exaltation of the finest materials.

Gold 24K,
Lapis Lazuli, Diamonds and Dupion Silk

The powerful, and unequivocal name of the collection, Luxus, befittingly defines the unconditional search for magnificence and mirabilia behind it.  ricerca di magnificenza e mirabilia.

Banderari Il Milione men’s bow tie from the Luxus collection in blue black

Crafted from exclusive Scabal dupioni raw silk fabric, Il Milione, from Banderari’s “Luxus” collection, is a bow tie for true connoisseurs and gentlemen who treasure absolute rarity and wish stand out with style.


Andrea wears a white tuxedo and a luxury bow tie in Scabal Diamanti fabric in the Aman Venice location in Venice

A homage to the most intriguing and vivacious figures of 18th century Venice, Casanova is a luxurious bow tie featuring exclusive Scabal fabric, made by incorporating Antwerp diamond chipsinto wool that has been cleaned and combed.

Elegante, iconico ed esclusivo, il papillon Casanova della collezione “Luxus” di Banderari combina la lana Super 150’s tessuta nello storico lanificio Scabal di Huddersfield, infusa di diamanti e pura seta, per una trama 80-20 tanto tattile quanto traspirante.

Amaze. Surprise

This huge celebration is set in the world-famous, iconic Italian city of Venice, emblem of boundless riches, kingdom of hedonism and pleasure, crowning jewel of old-world culture, and home of our leading character, the Banderari Man, a contemporary dandy in search of his personal style, prey to overwhelming passions and his absolute obsession with details.

The sublime beauty of Venice seduces and accompanies the Banderari Man along a new path that pays homage to La Serenissima 600 year-long, yet timeless tale of luxury, beauty and Italian craftsmanship.

And hence begins a voyage of discovery through alleys and canals in search of places permeated by
an irresistibly fascinating aura such as the iconic Libreria Acqua, reputedly among the most beautiful and intriguing libraries in the world.

The dazzling, dream-like narrative starts at the Grand Canal, and winds through the most secret, intimate places of the city, exploring colors, sounds and extreme sensations that unveil and let him touch first-hand the raw materials that tie the centuries-old treasures of the city to the accessories in the collection, revealing their physical and space-time connections.

Giacomo Casanova

Wool Super 150’s Cashmere and lapis lazuli powder


Inspired by the nickname of Lorenzo de’ Medici, humanist, patron of the arts and statesman of the Renaissance era, Il Magnifico (The Magnificent) is a stunning bow tie made of exclusive Scabal Lapis Lazuli fabric, prized for its incredibly saturated blue color.

This extraordinary bow tie is made with fabric produced by an elaborate weaving process, where fragments of lapis lazuli is embedded into an exquisite blend of the finest, Super 150s Australian wool, and precious Mongolian cashmere.

An elegant, unique and powerful fashion statement, the Il Magnifico bow tie, from Banderari’s “Luxus” collection pays homage to the naturally bright, mystic color of the semi-precious stone, imbuing into this accessory a history as deep as its famous ultramarine blue color.

The powerful, exuberant yet minimalist solid colored fabric perfectly complements a wide variety of color combinations, and makes Il Magnifico bound to catch the eye of everyone around you.

With its lustrous elegance and minimalist design style, Casanova celebrates the splendor of the most precious diamonds. It is a hymn to the joy, creativity, and beauty of life.


A symbol of Banderari’s passion for the most luxurious fabrics, and the unrivaled craftsmanship of its products, Stvpor Mvndi transforms wool and precious metal into a symphony of color and tactility that results in a bow tie of truly iconic caliber.

A world first in contemporary luxury, this is a true, one-of-a-kind accessory to be treasured for a lifetime.

The contrast between the deep black and shimmery 24K gold thread of the small polka dots gives this bow tie a refined, yet surprisingly minimalist look that perfectly complements highly formal attire.

A homage to the title given to Frederick II, Duke of Swabia, King of Sicily, King of Jerusalem and Holy Roman Emperor, Stvpor Mvndi (Wonder Of The World) is a precious bow tie made with exclusive fabric by Scabal, featuring 24K Gold thread from the same vendors that supply the best European Fine Jewelry brands.

Inspired by what he has seen and touched along his journey, the Banderari Man goes to meet his destiny, finds himself facing the same gold mosaic in the Basilica, and in a blaze of powerful images and extreme elegance, he crosses the majestic, eerily deserted St. Mark’s Square, leaving behind the magical atmosphere of Venice.

Is it truly over? Is it truly over?The last joyous shred of though slowly fades as he falls asleep, In the silent enclave, where memories of a thousand parties still reverberate, our Man steadily and deliberately unknots his precious bow tie, now filled by the echoes of lavish splendor, a vivid memento of unbridled passion and timeless beauty.

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