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B Band Shibusa

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B Band Shibusa is a colored bracelet made with the same Japanese silks made from original vintage kimono with which are made the iconic Shibusa bow tie.

Available in a wide range of colours and patterns, the B Band Shibusa bracelets are the ideal accessory to embellish and give a touch of vivacity in the sign of creativity and careful and refined style.

The bayonet closure in Made in Italy steel and the interior made of a durable and anatomical material guarantee hygiene, comfort and durability.


Pattern: blue landscape floral flowers white sky blue

Fabric: 100% chirimen silk

Dimensions: height 10 mm. – length 23 cm (L) / 22 cm (M) / 21 cm (S) / 20 cm (XS)

Adjustment: steel metal hooks with bayonet closure

100% handmade in Italy

Small imperfections are an intrinsic characteristic of this product, and prove it is handmade.

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