We are Umbria

young artisans in search of hope and redemption makes bow ties


The story of Banderari is the emblem of hope and the desire to redemption from the crisis of two young artisans, children of the green Umbria.

A dream linked to the vicissitudes of Angela and Omar, young sons of a tormented and complex land like Umbria.

Angela Pinzaglia was born in 1986 in Amelia, a charming medieval village perched on top of a splendid hill in the green Umbrian countryside.

Omar Belli, born in 1984, is originally from Rocca San Zenone, a small village of fifty souls set in Val Serra, surmounted by a series of towers that for centuries represented the last defense of the nearby city of Terni.

A tale marked by difficulties, daughter of the crisis, of our city and of our society.

From moments and choices in which confidence and the desire to be reborn prompted us to return to a way of understanding life now lost.

We believe in the rediscovery of manual skills as an elevation tool, aware of the need to take a step backwards to make two forward.

For this reason, our traditions, our history, our mistakes and the choices made, are elements that excite us and unite us.


In 2010 Angela and Omar meet, they understand they have a unique vision of life to the point of becoming a couple and in 2014 they decide to start an experience that can express the values ​​of their tradition.

A working alternative in a time of strong recession, trying to remain consistent with the ideals of one’s own land.

A story that proudly speaks of Umbria and Terni, starting from the name, Banderari.

Banderari like the 24 fellow citizens, mainly traders and artisans, who in the late Middle Ages represented the six districts into which the city was divided.

“The honest artisans, the farmers, the merchants, and generally the healthy part of the people, raised particular flag”.

In a short time Banderari imposes itself as a reference brand in the field of self-productions, succeeding in participating in the most important sector events in Italy.

East Market Milan, San Salvario Emporium Turin, but also at the 80th Florence International Artisan Fair and Pitti Uomo 90 in the Palazzo Pucci setting.

In December 2016 the first store is opened in the city of Terni.

A courageous choice due to the profound crisis that has hit the metallurgical sector, the primary source of work in the area.

young artisans in search of hope and redemption makes bow ties


Land of perfection and beauty, of joy and grace and of hills and mountains marked by the destructive and regenerating fury of nature.

Since the dawn of time, with its restless sweetness built by thousands of earthquakes.

In our spirit lies the philosophy of a complex and beautiful land as a dream.

Heirs of an authentic, proud and tenacious people, custodians of a millenary history made of passion, love and beauty.

Following the rule and the teaching handed down to us by San Benedetto da Norcia, we believe in work as a source of inimitable wisdom that knows how to enhance the human for the human.

Through the rediscovery of craftsmanship, of the values ​​liquidated or derided by modernity, mastering our craft, we support the art of knowing how to do with passion and dedication in a world crushed by the consumer machine.

A daily challenge, a struggle to try to change our future, to oppose a vision of the world that does not belong to us.

A society made up of places and aseptic relationships, of homogeneous mass productions in which man is nothing but a number.

A small mechanism of a system based on the approval and cancellation of the individual.

young artisans in search of hope and redemption makes bow ties