Cravatta sartoriale tre pieghe in seta cruda – fantasia spigato unito blu scuro

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Realizzata completamente a mano in Italia, nel rispetto di antiche tecniche artigianali, una cravatta tre pieghe Banderari è un manufatto che si distingue per la realizzazione artigianale, una creazione di alta qualità in grado di donare eleganza e stile.

All’interno è presente il filo della frizione, che scorre lungo tutto l’asse della cravatta, da un travetto all’altro, consentendo una tenuta perfetta del nodo e maggiore durata nel tempo. I travetti bianchi sono ricamati con punto a smerlo.

La lunghezza di 160 cm, abbinata alla giusta scelta del nodo, garantisce una perfetta vestibilità a chiunque.


Stile: cravatta sartoriale realizzata interamente a mano
Modello: tre pieghe foderata
Fantasia: spigato unito
Colori: blu scuro
100% Made in Italy
Dimensioni: larghezza 8 cm. – lunghezza 160 cm.


Fabric: 100% raw silk cloth by Lanificio di Pray (Biella)
Lining: 100% Thomas Mason cotton


    Dry clean only
      Do not tuble dry
   Iron under the towel at low temperature


What is behind the production of a Banderari tailored tie?

Passion, tradition, seriousness and dedication.

The main characteristic of the Banderari ties is the completely manual processing; each piece is cut and packaged by hand and, upon request, customized and made to measure.

The fabrics, always made of natural material, are either silk from Como or wool from Biella, are selected with extreme care in very limited quantities (a maximum of 8 ties are obtained per pattern) to guarantee even more exclusivity to the product.

But how do you recognize a handmade tie?

A tailored tie is designed and cut strictly by hand.

The design is initially centered on the tip of the tie, so that the same is cut and worked in perfect bias: a tie cut on the bias does not twist and this valuable, non-random result makes the tie stay perfectly at the suspension test lead, without rotating or bending on itself on its vertical axis.

A handmade tie is kept closed by a single, continuous, whole seam. This thread has no knot: in fact, it starts from the trailing edge and goes directly to the blade!

The perfect handmade tie has the “friction”, that is a leftover seam thread left free which takes on the appearance of a ring or a pendulous cotton thread. It is located on the back of the pigtail, usually semi-hidden behind the fabric flap.

The daily use of a tie generates internal stresses that dissipate on the seam: the “friction” discharges these efforts through its slow recall into the fabrics, reducing itself until it disappears completely.

Whether in silk or wool, as well as in the many fabrics that are recently being used, a precious tie must always give a pleasant experience of the senses.


The creation is inserted in an exclusive packaging ideal to keep the article protected, ready to be used as a gift box.

The color may vary due to differences in monitor settings.

The product, being made using craft techniques, may undergo slight variations with respect to the measurements shown in the description.


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