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Blue green and white silk twill regimental tie

Out of stock


Out of stock

Type: three-fold tailoring tie
Fabric: 100% Como silk jacquard
Inside: 100% wool
Pattern: regimental, stripes
Colors: blue green and white
Dimensions: length 148 cm. – shovel width 8.5 cm.
100% handmade in Italy


Blue green and white silk twill regimental tie

Featuring a blue green and white striped pattern, this beautiful silk twill regimental tie is suitable for accompanying an outfit in perfect Italian style, in harmony with a gray, blue jacket or to be casually paired with a classic and elegant blue blazer.

Regimental or striped ties, a must-have accessory in men’s wardrobe, are undoubtedly one of the most popular and iconic types of ties Among those used by man.

Characterized by diagonal stripes, the regimental or striped tie is found in the oldest types of ties, present since the 1880s in England.


The blue green and white regimental tie is made from a precious 100% made in Como silk twill in the three-fold version.

The Banderari three-fold tie is made exclusively by hand is made from a single panel of silk folded back on itself three times.

The pleats, placed symmetrically to each other, are reinforced on the inside by a pure wool cloth that forms the tie’s lining to provide extra weight and perfect flatness.

Each Banderari sartorial tie features scalloped stitch closures in contrasting colors or matching the tie colors, a detail that can lend prestige and character to each individual accessory.

The blue green and white silk twill regimental tie is sent inside an elegant matte black box with gold hot-stamped logo that can protect and enhance the accessory and suitable for use as a gift box.

Each tailored three-fold tie in Banderari’s high-quality silk twill is made with the finest raw materials by the skilled and passionate hands of our experienced artisans at our Sartoria in Terni, Umbria, Italy.

Small imperfections are an intrinsic characteristic of this product, and prove it is handmade.

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