A World of Colors

There’s a Japanese saying that goes 十人十色 [jyuunin toiro], literally “ten people, ten colors”, to emphasize that each of us is different from the other.

Banderari expresses through the collection Iro (color in the Japanese language) the image that each person has a different color from the other.

Colors sometimes complementary, sometimes contrasting, however unique, as it is each of us, each with their own ideas and feelings.

In Japanese it is also said 色々 [iroiro], “colour, colour”, a repetition that indicates diversity and variety.

Lots of colors, lots of people, lots of different ideas.

An aesthetic journey that retraces the different personalities of each of us mixing vivid and warm colors in neutral colors.

Precious craftsmanship gives life to creative visions of unique and exclusive accessories.

Precious Japanese silks made from kimono of the ’50s and ’60s are intertwined with the colorful and bright shades of Biella fabrics, symbol of the excellence of Made in Italy.


Oriental and Western influences merge to create an original stylistic signature:

the result is a multiform collection, with bold colors, full of pathos, history and meaning, perfect for lovers of a very structured elegance or for those who love to complete urban mood with decidedly très chic elements.

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