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Ethics Matter

Uniqueness, quality and attention to detail are the main prerogatives that distinguish the realization of each product.

Knowing the history of the fabrics that are used to make clothing, the origin and the technical characteristics, besides being interesting, is a fundamental aspect to guide our choices.

When we buy a garment we often don’t pay attention to the textile fibers of which it is made.

This information, on the other hand, is fundamental from several points of view: it is important to know what we are wearing in case of allergies or if we want to follow a sustainable ethical lifestyle.

We aim to establish relationships of trust with all our suppliers and producers, which means that transparency is essential. This is why we regularly visit our partners at work so that we really know who we are working with.

Every Banderari creation takes shape from a study that starts from the search for the best raw materials, personally selected to the place of origin, because only by knowing the people and the production processes that lie behind each of our fabrics can we reveal all their secrets and enhance their qualities .

For this reason, our wool and cashmere are chosen after careful selection in the best wool mills in the Biella area, for centuries the fulcrum of high-quality wool production worldwide, the flagship and symbol of the best Made in Italy, an active manufacturing hub where the modern industry continues a centuries-old tradition handed down from father to son, from generation to generation in the name of excellence, a virtuous example of conjugation of tradition, technology and respect for the environment.

Let us talk about the selvages of our fabrics, because we want the creations made for you to always respect the ethics and quality that have always distinguished the Banderari philosophy.

Let talking about are our selvages.

The silk used to make our Seven Folds ties comes exclusively from Como, where the silk processing is an art craft that ennobles the territory since the sixteenth century and for quality, creativity and service, represents a manufacturing excellence of Made in Italy worldwide.

The silk-makers in order to create impeccable products make use of a complex manufacturing process that sees a close collaboration between the various companies where each one takes care of a single production phase in order to ensure the high quality of the finished product.

Technology, of course, is necessary for efficiency and precision, but the fabric and the threads, in their raw condition, are always studied by the human eye and by the hand.

It is this absolute tactile ability, the act of feeling delicacy between the fingers, which makes the Como fabrics – our fabrics – extensions of their artistic ability.

Rediscover your land by exploring parallel horizons.

This is the spirit that gave life to the Shibusa bow tie line made with rare and precious silk fragments made from kimono and vintage obi coming from the city of Kobe, a Japanese municipality linked to Terni by a pact of friendship in the sign of Saint Valentine, patron of Umbrian city and figure venerated in the Land of the Rising Sun in the same way.

Precious craft knowledge gives life to creative visions of unique and exclusive accessories where oriental colors and shapes blend with the rigorous Biellese fabrics, symbol of the excellence of Made in Italy, creating a brand new style, intertwining history and distant cultures united by the search for a austere form of beauty.

The result is a collection of bow ties in the self-tied variant for true lovers of the knot ritual composed of exclusive unique pieces to wear on the most exclusive occasions.

Accessories made with fabrics full of history and at the same time able to fix, tell and handing down the history of the wearer to future generations.

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