Vrika 9 ceramic cufflinks – white lines black yellow gray

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The Vrika ceramic cufflinks by Banderari are exclusive unique pieces that can give a touch of originality to one of the symbolic accessories of the male dress, precious handicraft accessories able to give a touch of originality while maintaining a strong material bond with tradition of Umbrian artistic ceramics.

Each creation is made in white earth and painted exclusively and scrupulously by hand by a master ceramist, and protected by means of a double firing, the first for support and the second for enamel, guaranteeing effective protection against shocks and stress.

Each metal component is made of 100% Made in Italy zinc alloy and assembled using natural glues.

Style: cufflinks
Model: Vrika
Shape: square
Color: white, black, yellow, gray
100% hand made Made in Italy
Dimensions: 1.2 cm * 1.2 cm * 0.3 cm