Unico tailoring selftied bow tie – Japanese silk made from a black obi floral belt


The Banderari bow ties from the Shibusa Blacktie collection are made of silk made from vintage Japanese Obi belts in the Nagoya, Fukuro and Maru variants.

The Shibusa bow tie collection expresses the desire to reinterpret fabrics full of history and tradition by means of limited edition accessories to a single copy.

Classic and sophisticated, the black silk bow tie embellishes the dress of more formal occasions. Ideal to combine with a ceremony shirt, a tuxedo and a pair of cufflinks.

Style: tailoring tie bow tie
Model: selftied
Fantasy: floral
Colors: black
100% Made in Italy
Dimensions: height 7 cm. – length 92 cm. (bow size 12 cm long – 7 cm high)


Fabric: 100% Japanese silk


    Dry clean only
      Do not tuble dry
   Iron under the towel at low temperature


The obi (帯, お び) is a typical Japanese sash or belt worn mainly with kimono and keikogi by both men and women.

This belt was born in the Kamakura period (1185-1333) thanks to the abandonment by the woman of the hakama (wide trousers worn under the kimono) and therefore to the lengthening of the kosode (kimono with short sleeves) which remaining open in the front needed of a belt that held it steady. The obi evolved during the Edo period, as the new artistic trend of clothing imposed many long and wide sleeves on some kimono models that changed the proportions of the dress; in this way, the Obi grew more and more until it prevented the movements of women who slipped it into the back of the dress, where it became standardized in the 20th century.


The Shibusa tuxedo bands are made with real vintage Japanese decorative panels used and made in the 50s, 60s and 70s, for this reason they could present imperfections and signs of aging. These imperfections are not to be considered a defect but are synonymous with uniqueness and authenticity.

The creation is inserted in an exclusive packaging ideal to keep the article protected, ready to be used as a gift box.

The color may vary due to differences in monitor settings.
The product being made with artisan techniques, it could undergo some slight variation compared to the measurements shown in the description.


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