PT01 tailoring selftied bow tie – printed paisley patterned cashmere blue, red, green, yellow on check


Meeting between reality and fiction. Extraordinariness able to turn into ordinary exceptionality. Patterns and colors with surreal tones mark the boundary between material and immaterial.

The protagonists are 8 exclusive self-tied bow ties made with refined worsted cashmere from Mongolia of Lanificio di Pray in Biella made unique by prints with paisley patterns characterized by bold tones such as turquoise, yellow and lemon green, gold, slate blue, purple and sea green, in chromatic contrast with the dark blue tones of the superfine wools of Ermenegildo Zegna on the back.

The collection is exalted by the artisanal production with a very limited edition of each garment, scrupulously and rigorously done by hand, as in the most classic Italian manufacturing tradition, making each creation unique and original.


Style: sartorial bow tie
Model: hybrid selftied / selftied
Front pattern: paisley print on check
Retro pattern: checked
Front color: blue, red, green, yellow
Retro color: blue tones
100% hand Made in Italy
Dimensions: height 7 cm. – length 92 cm. (bow size length 12 cm – height 7 cm)
Adjustment: free nickel metal hooks made in Italy circumference 53 cm


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