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Fragments of essentiality

gemelli cemento oro grigio

The Banderari cufflinks of the GOLD GRAY collection are designed to create a unique craft accessory that can give a dynamic touch, while maintaining a strong minimalist accent in the name of elegance.

Each creation is made by natural Grenoble cement, an additive-free material composed of a single raw material extracted so naturally in the Chartreuse mountains, a limestone massif located north of the city of
Grenoble in France.

The material, used by the Egyptians and the Romans, after its rediscovery carried out by Louis Vicat at the beginning of the 19th century, saw its greater expression in building works such as the typical pavement of the early 1900s with hexagons called cementina, to which the twins are inspired by form and treatment.

gemelli originali in cemento nero minimal artigianali da polso camicia realizzati a mano in Italia
gemelli cemento oro grigio

The cufflinks of the GOLD GRAY collection are available in two colors: beige in the natural shade of cement and black, obtained by inserting a pigment, iron oxide, into the mixture.

The processing of each single creation, carried out by the expert hands of expert craftsmen, involves the creation of a dough in which a reinforcing additive is inserted, followed by the shaping by means of a scalpel, while the finish is performed with a water repellent treatment and a coat of microcrystalline wax to ensure maximum durability of creation.

Each metal component is made of zinc alloy Made in Italy and assembled with cement using natural glues.

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