Luxus collection

With the Luxus collection, Banderari writes a new chapter in the history of luxury bow tie craftsmanship.

Luxurious, daring, yet sleek, these bow ties pay homage to the inseverable bond between Banderari, the most precious fabrics in the world, the style, and the know-how of made in Italy.

Banderari captured the unconventional spirit and irreverent attitude towards regal opulence, and created a collection characterized by extreme stylistic perfection and the exaltation of the finest materials.

Crafted with stunning Scabal fabrics, interwoven with 24K gold thread, lapis lazuli, diamonds, and doubled silk, Luxus bow ties powerfully and unequivocally convey passion for luxury, and elicit utter astonishment and awe.

Each bow tie is meticulously crafted by the savvy, skillful hands of artisans through exacting tailoring techniques that showcase incredible passion for details, and makes it unique.

These iconic bow ties are an uncannily powerful form of self-expression.

Luxus accessories are available in two versions. The self-tie version is for men who enjoy the ritual of tying their bow tie, and a hybrid version (pre-tied/self-tie), specifically designed for those who are not as skilled, but are unwilling to forego the character of a true bow tie.

Papillon da uomo Banderari Casanova della collezione Luxus di colore blu scuro


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Papillon da uomo Banderari Il Magnifico della collezione Luxus di colore blu

Il Magnifico

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Banderari Il Milione men’s bow tie from the Luxus collection in blue black

Il Milione

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Papillon da uomo Banderari Stvpor Mvndi della collezione Luxus di colore nero

Stvpor Mvndi

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