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Looking for the accessory customized for your needs?

Do you want a bow tie with a custom print on silk or a pocketsquare with embroidered initials?

Banderari completes the outfit of your ceremony with accessories designed specifically for you and for all the people you care about starting from your needs.

Printing your ideas on fabric to make unique a wide range of accessories such as bow tie to tie or pretied, seven fold ties , cufflinks and cuffs in fabric, pocketsquares, boutonniere and tuxedo band.

Each creation takes shape from a study that starts from the client’s requests, paying the utmost attention to every single detail and scrupulously and rigorously done by hand, as in the most classic Italian artisan tradition.

We use only top quality materials carefully selected according to your needs .

To feel at ease on your wedding day.

All the guests’ attention is directed to the spouses and the eyes are on them all day long.

The choice of the groom’s accessory is as important as that of the wedding dress and very often more difficult given that the variety of models available to him is certainly less.

This is why choosing the experience of a tailor-made tailor-made accessory.

By choosing a custom-made Banderari accessory, you can follow step by step the realization of the complement that will accompany you on one of the most important days of a lifetime.

With our experience we will guide you in choosing the model, the fabric and the plot to be truly unique and special on the day of the fateful “yes”.

In the desire to combine tradition and innovation, Banderari makes it possible to package accessories.

Starting from high-quality printing on completely personalized patterned fabrics that can make the man elegant and at the same time stand out on different occasions, thus giving the possibility of creating a gift unmistakable for a special occasion.

Banderari, thanks to the experience gained in the ceremony and wedding sector, is able to design customized prints in line with the moodboard palette of its event with which to package bow ties, seven-fold ties, pocket handkerchiefs and other accessories of the highest quality.

Raw materials in the name of excellence

All the craftsmanship of tailoring is highlighted by the use of very high quality fabrics.

Banderari customized accessories are in fact produced by high-resolution digital printing on natural silk twill (14 mm) 60-80 g. sqm able to give prominence to very small and meticulous details such as initials, dates or sentences to make a memory indelible by means of an accessory.

True Italian tailoring

All Banderari bespoke accessories are made entirely by hand in Italy according to the sartorial tradition in our country.

All the details are taken care of with the utmost attention, from the cut of the fabrics to the hems.

The result is high quality accessories able to give importance and elegance even in the most demanding situations.

Why choose a custom Banderari accessory?



In our process we get high definition prints with intense colors, soft and sharp nuances in the details.



We agree with you the deadlines for the delivery of your prints, always respecting the deadlines.



All Banderari bespoke accessories are made entirely by hand in Italy



To meet your needs, we also allow the packaging of a limited number of accessories.

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